Friday follow-up: inspiration for an interactive look at unemployment

Every once in awhile the internet gifts me a little inspiration rather than the normal disappointment. I have done a few posts in the past based on inspiration from around the web like this one on confederate monuments or this one looking at temperature trends with the ggridges package. This time as I was browsing Twitter I found this tweet by The Economist: Democracy is in decline in Turkey and Russia.

Generating sample donors & gift data for nonprofits

It is not often that I write about work on here. Usually it is a proving ground of concepts that I am usually trying to integrate into my work and I need to try them out. I decided to change that a little and write a tutorial on something I have found extremely useful in my work as a data scientist for nonprofits. Traditionally, being that the data we deal with is so highly sensitive, it is impossible to really share work or visualizations that are not macro-level so online tutorials for things involving nonprofits usually need some sort of scrubbed or anonymized data.

Who is doing more with less? A look into Premier League performance and market value.

During the World Cup I did a write-up of FiveThirtyEight SPI rankings and estimated team market value to see where each team fell. The idea was identifying those teams who seem to be performing higher than their team value would suggest. I decided that for a quick little post I would explore that same concept but now since club season has started I can look at the English Premier League.

Short and sweet: temperature variability with ggridges 📦

I was chatting with a friend recently about where we were from. He, being from the west coast talked about how the weather was almost always pleasant. I, being from Nebraska, lived about as far as possible from that sort of weather pattern. The summers were scorching and humid which gave way quickly to winters that were windy and terribly cold. This conversation led us to a 538 article we both read about places with the most unpredictable weather which got me thinking about how one could visualize these weather patterns.

Friday follow-up: Washington Post Homicides Database

I, like many of you I am sure, spend most of my time during the day on around or in front of the screen. Every once in awhile I come across an intriguing chart, a compelling article, or some very data that I want to inspect for myself. I have done a few of these in different iterations like a couple of my recent posts, A look into U.S. infectious diseases and Friday Fun: Comparing annual ACS data with tidycensus.

Premier League 2018-2019

This is a page dedicated to weekly predictions for English Premier League. I am a fan of the Premier League and I am a long time Gooner though try as I might no sort of predictions I do can make them better. A lot of the data for this comes from the awesome engsoccerdata package available on github. My predictions are under constantly construction but they are based on Poisson distributions, and you can read a little bit about those here.

A World Cup 2018 primer, with graphs!

The Premier League just ended and normally this time of year is just spent reading up on transfer news until the league starts again, but not this year! It is a World Cup year which means that as of today the (real) biggest sporting event in the world kicks off. Some of you may know I (sort of) kept up my English Premier League predictions and while I am not doing the same for this World Cup I do have my own picks.

A look into U.S. infectious diseases

During the week I come across different articles, stories, posts even tweets that inspire or intrigue me and they end up in a list of things for me to revisit. Usually the subject is something that I know very little about but I want to. This week was no exception. I stumbled on an article from FiveThirtyEight titled More Americans Are Dying From Suicide, Drug Use And Diarrhea and was intrigued.

Friday Fun: Comparing annual ACS data with tidycensus

At the time of writing this I have been mired in one of life’s most confusing and convoluted processes, buying a house. After constantly being fed numbers, stats, and figures all of which had Comic Sans as a font, I decided to find out some information for myself. Doing that greatly helped inform me about the buying process and actually empowered me to speak to the various powers at be (and there are a lot of them) with a little more knowledge.

How did we get here? Three different Premier League stories.

This season of the English Premier League has been nothing short of fantastic. Even though Manchester City has run away with the title (playing beautiful football in the process) pretty much all the other positions in the table are up for grabs. As an ardent Arsenal fan it hasn’t been my favorite season with Arsenal currently sitting in sixth but for other clubs it has been a banner year.